Custom Fabrication of a Polyester Heat Diffuser

Pillow Duct Polyester Rail

A client in the automotive industry approached Air Distribution Concepts in need of custom fabricated polyester diffuser system. The customer needed us to design the product to keep a machine operator cool while working on a process that generates a great deal of heat.

This item required a specific shape to fit in the area above the operator, and including a series of baffles. This custom fabricated polyester diffuser system featured quick connect joints, air flows of 2,966 CFM, and was suspended on a rail system. Finished it measured 11′-6″ long, 7′-0″ wide.

We quickly shipped the system to our customer in Dayton, Ohio, who was beyond satisfied with the quality of our work and our customer service.

To learn more about this project, or to find out what we can do for your custom air diffuser needs, please contact Air Distribution Concepts.

Product DescriptionThis heat diffuser was designed to keep a machine operator cool while working as the machine generated large amounts of heat.
Capabilities Applied/ Processes
  • Design Specific Shape to Fit in Area Above the Operator
  • Designed w/ a Series of Baffles to Keep it From Taking on a Round Shape
Overall Dimentions
Length: 11'-6"
Width: 7'-0"
Hole Diameter: Ø3"
Material UsedPolyester
Suspended on a Rail System
Velcro Quick Connect joint
Flows 2,966 CFM
IndustryAutomotive Manufacturing
Delivery LocationDayton, Ohio
Standards MetCustomer supplied specifications
Product NamePolyester Heat Diffuser