Case Studies - Fabric Duct Systems for Ventilation, Heating, Air Conditioning and Dehumidification

Case Study: Heating & Air Distribution

Chambers And Owen – Warehouse Heating Solution to Improve Heating Efficiency and Reduce Costs

Chambers and Owen, a warehouse supplier for convenience stores in the upper Midwest was able to receive a rebate from Wisconsin Electric of 5% with the installation of a fabric ductwork system. They were looking for a more efficient way of distributing air around their warehouse along with stopping air loss through the multiple loading dock doors.

One of the managers stated that with the new system in place the heaters, mounted away from the doors, “hadn’t fired up this winter at all” and we were there at the end March. This system was custom made, as all our systems are, to cut down on heating expenses in an absolutely huge warehouse. This incorporates use of 24″ ducts with holes that direct the warm air into the warehouse and to help keep cold air from entering the building. The photos are some examples of how the duct looks installed and at various points of being inflated and deflated, you can also see the air jet holes and patterns.