FlowCon Poly Duct and Convection Tubing

Poly ducts are a low cost, yet highly efficient way of distributing and mixing conditioned air. They are designed to diffuse and provide ventilation evenly over large areas.

Poly ducts are made of lightweight, extruded polyethylene. They are typically used for “light-duty”, temporary installations, such as event tents, greenhouses and livestock buildings. Polyducts are straight, tubular diffusers. Fittings are not available.

Poly ducts are 4 mil thick with diameters that range from 8″ to 37″. They are available in standard clear and fr-white (flame retardant). Poly ducts usually have round air jet ports along the entire length, typically ranging from 1″ to 3″ and can only be punched symmetrically. Polyducts are supported by adhesive hangers which are applied by installer where needed. They can be attached to a cable or support by a S hook or wire tie. Adhesive or plastic clip supports are supplied based on 6′ centers

ADC, Inc. also fabricates complete air diffusion systems for permanent installations. FlowCon air diffusers are made with fabrics such as woven polyethylene, polyester, or vinyl. They are custom designs with a wide range of fittings available.

Please contact us for better pricing for amounts over 100 feet. Greater discounts for larger orders. Contact us for a quote.

Item #Item NameDiameterMaterial TypeList Price
PD-6 Poly Duct6 inClear w/uv$0.92
PD-8Poly Duct8 inClear w/uv$0.97
PD-10Poly Duct10 inClear w/uv$1.08
PD-12Poly Duct12 inClear w/uv$1.14
PD-16Poly Duct16 inClear w/uv$1.34
PD-18Poly Duct18 inClear w/uv$1.41
PD-20Poly Duct20 inClear or white FR$1.52
PD-24Poly Duct24 inN/A$1.76
PD-30Poly Duct30 inClear w/uv$2.32
PD-37Poly Duct37 inClear w/uv$2.68
PDH-6-22WORMGEAR BANDS6 to 22 inN/A$17.00
PDH-23-35WORMGEAR BANDS23 to 35 inN/A$24.00
PDH-36-48WORMGEAR BANDS36 to 48 inN/A$30.00
PDH-1/8-Cable-Cut LengthDIA. CABLE ( cut lengths) 1/8 inN/A$0.35
PDH-1/8-Cable-500'-1000' SpoolDIA. CABLE (500' or 1000' spools)1/8 inN/A$0.21
PDH-1/8-Cable ClampCable Clamp1/8 inN/A$0.36
PDH-Adhesive HangerExtra Adhesive HangerN/AN/A$0.35
PDH-1/2-6Jaw / Eye Turnbuckle1/2 x 6 inN/A$24.00
PDH-3/8-6Eye Bolt3/8 x 6 inN/A$12.00