SeasonFlowTM Design Fabric Air Diffusers

SeasonFlowTM air diffusers can redirect air from the top of the diffuser to the bottom. The result is a diffuser that can be used for hot/cold weather make-up air applications .Using all of your building’s stratified wasted heat before any additional fuel is burned can be a substantial savings during the heating season. Also the air is better circulated throughout the workplace.

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Eliminate or Control

  • Negative Air Pressure on Throughout Entire Plants / Factories. It uses up to 100% of the stratified heat at the ceiling which is otherwise wasted when it is lost through the roof.
  • Carbon Monoxide, Welding Smoke, Fumes, Mist, Dust, Odor — controls or replaces plant air contaminants while exhausting them outside.
  • Dead Air Spots
  • Overheated Floor Areas.
  • Cold, Drafty Floors
  • Other Indoor Air Quality / Ventilation Problems

Reduce Makeup Air Fuel Bills

When the air delivery holes are positioned for winter operation, Air jets evenly distribute the outside air upward, blending it with the stratified hot air at the ceiling. This mixing action tempers the incoming make-up air without using additional fuel.

Cools in Summer

When the air delivery holes are positioned for summer operation, Air jets evenly distribute the cooler outside air toward the floor. This keeps the objectionable hot air stratified at the ceiling and delivers the cooler outdoor air downward towards the floor.

SeasonMasterTM Fuel Saving System Works

ENERGYMASTERTM is an unfired make-up air system that during cold weather, will inexpensively eliminate negative air pressure in a building, by comfortably introducing unheated make-up air through its custom designed overhead distribution duct systems. These systems will also inexpensively help meet clean air regulations. Our system designs will control air contaminants and use fewer CFM of makeup air than other makeup air systems, ENERGYMASTERTM decreases, or in most cases, eliminates high cost make-up air fuel bills by 50 to 100%. Existing heated make-up air systems can be retrofitted to use the patented ENERGYMASTERTM system.

ENERGYMASTERTM reduces hot weather indoor temperatures by evenly distributing cooler outside air downward to and the floor across the floor throughout the entire building and outdoors through strategically located wall exhaust fans. For air contamination control problems such as: welding smoke, oil mist, fumes, dust, excessive heat and humidity. The exhaust fans should be ideally located at worker level and installed at designated locations on the outside walls of the building.

This configuration places the exhaust fans on one side of the contaminant and the fresh air on the other side of the contaminant. The make-up air moves under the influence of the exhaust fans through the work space toward the outside walls. The air contaminants are pulled to the outside walls and are then exhausted outdoors through the exhaust fans. This prevents the contaminant from accumulating in the building in any quantity and ensures attainment of the best air quality possible under these conditions.

Some air contamination problems can be solved while at the same time reducing the amount of air that is being exhausted. Reducing both the amount of outdoor air being supplied and indoor air being exhausted will give you substantial fuel savings. This is especially true if roof exhaust fans are presently being used. EXAMPLE: During the heating season in the mid-western United States it takes a season average of 32,500 BTU’s to heat 1000 cfm of make-up air to a temperature of 65 degrees F.