Custom Manufactured Polyethylene Vent Ducting

Calf Barn Polyethylene Vent Ducting Installation

Air Distribution Concepts is working with the agricultural industry to custom manufacture polyethylene vent ducting for calf barns. Polyethylene is a more economical choice over metal ducts; our vent ducting was designed to prevent recirculation of air, creating a clean environment free of airborne bacteria.

The vent ducting was built using the customer’s specifications and ranged in length from 20′ to 300′, and its diameter ranged from 8″ to 48″.

Upon completion, our team and clients find the results are a cost savings, quality product that provides a solution they were looking for.

To learn more about this project, or to find out more about the services we provide, please contact Air Distribution Concepts.

Product DescriptionWe manufactured this vent ducting for a calf barn from polyethylene due to the cost savings over metal ducts. The design prevents any recirculation of interior air due to the airborne bacterial counts associated with calf barns.
Capabilities Applied/ Processes
  • Hole Punching
Overall DimentionsDiameter: 8" to 48"
Length: 20" to 300"
Material UsedPolyethylene
Industry for Use
Calf Barns
Mushroom Farms
Delivery LocationMidwest
Standards MetCustomer supplied specifications
Product NamePolyethylene Vent Ducting